Mixing Metals: A Tutorial

Ok, in real life there are way more truly scary scenarios than this, but when it comes to accessorizing your jewelry, mixing metals is a fear we encounter a lot. Here's the thing, if you're used to wearing mostly gold or mostly silver, it can be a little strange trying to work in something new. But let's face it, some bangles just look better in silver and some look better in gold, so why limit yourself?! The stack I put together today is an example of my own experimentation with mixing metals.

As a primarily gold girl, I started in my comfort zone. Using our new April set of the month, only available in shiny gold (Calavera bangle with yellow Swarovksi crystal beaded bracelet) I set out to match basic colors first - not worrying about how much silver or gold I was using. Teal and yellow styles are available in many collections, both in silver and gold, so it really came down to personal preference. I liked the "Inspiration in Flight" (kite) and "Arrows of friendship" better in the shiny silver vs their gold counterparts. I decided to add Zest for Life (lemon slice) in the shiny gold, that way I had a balance of two silver and two gold charm bangles. As I already had the yellow swarovksi beaded in the April set, I added a teal beaded in silver to balance the strong gold look. Lastly, the Aztec beaded wrap comes as a two-tone bracelet, perfect for a situation like this! So I put the Aztec in the middle to bring the two looks together. As a last minute addition, just to increase variety in look and texture, I added the new Cosmic Balance cuff in gold (featured on top of the stack). It's yellow crystals matched perfectly with the Calavera set and finished off my look while adding just a touch more gold.

Any of the choices I made in this stack could be switched around or substituted for other pieces in the wonderfully large ALEX AND ANI brand. But the beauty is, this is my unique stack! Yours will look totally different and we're here to help you create it :)