A Basket of Baubles


Did you know that Easter is now the second biggest gift giving holiday of the year? Gone are the days of marshmallow peeps and starburst jelly beans, friends. Easter baskets of the 21st century are definitely not just for kids. They're jampacked with everything from gift cards to video games; makeup to fine jewelry! And you thought stocking stuffers were fun... 

Given that these types of holidays can leave us feeling a little lost, the AVANNi girls decided it might be helpful to give you a variety of Easter gift ideas for all the people you celebrate with. Of course there are so many great options at AVANNi (just browse through the brands tab!) but we wanted to show you a range of items and styles to get you thinking.

So let's count 'em down!

#5. Chavez for Charity

I feel like Chavez was made for Easter baskets! At $12, these trendy, colorful bracelets are adorned with unique charms and glass beads. They are definitely crowd pleasers Added bonus? Each color benefits a different cause!

#4. Lokai

Lokai is the trend that never ends! Loved by men and women alike, this bracelet is still an "in demand" gift! The classic Lokai is $18, but retired colors (red, blue and pink) are only $9 in store. Mix, match, stack your colors and show the world how you #livelokai

#3. Pura Vida

Pura Vida is an easy to wear, colorful option for the girl who doesn't want to take her jewelry off.... like ever. These hand braided bracelets are made in Costa Rica and coated in bee's wax, making them impervious to all things liquid. Ranging from $10-$26 there's a bracelet for every price range!

#2. MantraBand

MantraBand cuff bracelets were made with the intention of bringing positivity and encouragement to the wearer. As the "mantra" quite literally sits on top of the wrist, you are constantly reminded to "CHOOSE JOY" or "BE STILL AND KNOW." With so many mantras available, you can find the perfect gift for any occasion. And the price? At $25 for stainless and $35 for rose, gold and moon grey, these are another great Easter basket option that are sure to be impactful.

 MantraNecklaces are also available: $55-$65

MantraNecklaces are also available: $55-$65


Still #1..... With an emphasis on meaning, ALEX AND ANI continues to house the best collection of color and style every woman loves. Create an Easter stack, or choose a new charm bangle from the many new Spring symbols available. These bangles and wraps are so much more than just fashion accessories. They become a part of our story. All the pieces shown here range between $28 & $58.   An affordable luxury to be sure ;)

Whatever gift you choose, and however you celebrate the day, we're wishing you a very Happy Easter!