Coffee and Donut For Two, Please.

Mmmm…. sugar and caffeine.

What’s better than a hot cup of coffee and a fresh donut? These new bracelets! Well, ok, we want to enjoy the real things too. But these might be better for our health, or something…

Introducing ALEX AND ANI’s brand new Twin Peaks Charity by Design collection: The Coffee and Donut! I know, we’re obsessing over them too! Grab them while supplies last!

Available individually ($38) or as a set to share ($68)!


Personalize Your Holiday Gift!

Give more than a present this year. Give a piece of your heart.

The holiday season is fast approaching and gifts are at the top of all of our minds. It can be very difficult deciding on the perfect present, but Pen and Ink has made it simple for you to give a completely unique and personalized gift! Simply purchase the white Pen & Ink box, and follow the instructions: Choose the perfect necklace or bracelet style, then get creative! Upload your finished design on the website and wait for your personalized jewelry to arrive - free shipping included!

You might be asking, what if I can’t do all this before Christmas? No need to worry! Each Pen & Ink purchase comes with the beautiful white box you see below, ready to wrap and give. So go beyond the gift, and spend time designing your keepsake together.

Whether you design your own keepsake, or you make it a family activity, you can create the most meaningful piece of jewelry. Your design is a lasting treasure that your loved ones will cherish long after the holidays are over.

*See some real designs below!


Get in store while supplies last.

Obsession. And not the fragrance.

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 1.20.53 PM.png

Obsessed. We are OBSESSED with Swarovski. Having had a couple of months to live with these gems in store, we've crossed into the land of obsession.

Simple. Timeless. Classic. That's why we love this brand. Dress it up, dress it down! It's impossible to wear these pieces incorrectly. Not to mention, Swarovski have literally created a style for every woman! More edgy? Got it. Colorful? Yup. Trendy? Absolutely. Looking for some sparkle on a budget? Girl, we got you!

We know it can be a little intimidating to add a brand like Swarovski into your everyday wardrobe, but with affordable price points, impeccable quality and so. much. sparkle. you'll soon be obsessed too!

*Stop in to play with our newest selection of Swarovski pieces and we'll show you how to wear this brand like a professional fashionista, whatever the occasion! 

Yellow Glow!

Yellow Fashion.jpg

Yellow. It's a scary color. It's bold. It has the ability to change your coloring either for the best, or for the worst. But, in reality, pops of yellow are the perfect way to brighten your wardrobe, no matter what the season!

Darker mustards and gold tones take you into Autumn, while brighter yellows take you into Spring and Summer. Don't be afraid to add a little sunshine to your wardrobe! With the right styling, any color has a place in our closet.

You can always start small with the new Yellow Lokai, available while supplies last! 

It's never too hot for jewelry!

These humid summer days can be super tricky to accessorize. What do you wear when your entire body seems to swell and sweat the moment you leave the safety of air conditioning?!

This particular look was light and easy! A fabric choker gave the illusion of a statement piece, without being tight or sweaty. It's incredibly breathable! Layered with my favorite ALEX AND ANI necklace, it looks like a lot more fashion than two simple pieces.

Because I wear less on my wrists during the summer months, I figured a fun pair of large hoops would give me a bangle alternative... they are literally Peacock feather bangles turned into earrings!

We don't all get the summer off to live in a swimsuit and sneakers. So for those of us who are keepin' it classy, even in the hottest weeks of the year, AVANNi has plenty of light, stylish accessories to beat the heat, and keep you looking fabulous!

My Ed Sheeran inspired look!

Who isn't obsessed with Ed Sheeran?! (Yup, that picture actually hangs above my desk...) But this post isn't about him (unfortunately). We just love those colorful tattoos! So, in an effort to brighten my own arms, albeit in a less permanent way, I dove headfirst into the newest color palette from ALEX AND ANI! Literally everything in the Summer 2017 line is designed to be complimentary! It was fun layering up with a bunch of new pieces, as well as putting some oldies but goodies back to work! 

I tend to always go for maximum effect, but even just a few of these pieces would make for a stunning Summer set for any outfit! 

Layered and Lovely! A "How to..."

One of the biggest trends in jewelry right now is LAYERING! Literally everything. From multiple bangles, to multiple rings, it's all about creating a unique stack that no one else has. Necklaces tend to pose a more interesting problem due to the factor of length. Whether you're choosing two pieces or three, even four, here's what to keep in mind!

1 - Make sure you choose several different chain lengths. ALEX AND ANI may be the easiest as their necklaces are all adjustable, but in general, you want distinct layers. A clump of jewelry hanging around your neck doesn't look as nice.

2 - After choosing some delicate pieces at various lengths, anchor your layered look with a larger/longer piece. Tori (pictured above right) anchored her look with a giving key, whereas I chose a big piece that would hang the length of my top.

3 - Don't be afraid of color and texture! Tori added a thick choker (with a pop of blue) to balance the size of the Giving Key. Her three necklaces are from three separate brands with very different chains, but they all work together to give her a great eclectic look that is sooo Tori! My necklaces were both from the same brand, albeit different collections.

Two totally different looks, but each works so well!

Stop in and we'll help you get layered and lovely!

Mixing Metals: A Tutorial

Ok, in real life there are way more truly scary scenarios than this, but when it comes to accessorizing your jewelry, mixing metals is a fear we encounter a lot. Here's the thing, if you're used to wearing mostly gold or mostly silver, it can be a little strange trying to work in something new. But let's face it, some bangles just look better in silver and some look better in gold, so why limit yourself?! The stack I put together today is an example of my own experimentation with mixing metals.

As a primarily gold girl, I started in my comfort zone. Using our new April set of the month, only available in shiny gold (Calavera bangle with yellow Swarovksi crystal beaded bracelet) I set out to match basic colors first - not worrying about how much silver or gold I was using. Teal and yellow styles are available in many collections, both in silver and gold, so it really came down to personal preference. I liked the "Inspiration in Flight" (kite) and "Arrows of friendship" better in the shiny silver vs their gold counterparts. I decided to add Zest for Life (lemon slice) in the shiny gold, that way I had a balance of two silver and two gold charm bangles. As I already had the yellow swarovksi beaded in the April set, I added a teal beaded in silver to balance the strong gold look. Lastly, the Aztec beaded wrap comes as a two-tone bracelet, perfect for a situation like this! So I put the Aztec in the middle to bring the two looks together. As a last minute addition, just to increase variety in look and texture, I added the new Cosmic Balance cuff in gold (featured on top of the stack). It's yellow crystals matched perfectly with the Calavera set and finished off my look while adding just a touch more gold.

Any of the choices I made in this stack could be switched around or substituted for other pieces in the wonderfully large ALEX AND ANI brand. But the beauty is, this is my unique stack! Yours will look totally different and we're here to help you create it :)

Green Lokai is here!

You've asked, you've waited. Lokai finally created it.

The Green Lokai is finally a reality! Benefiting The Nature Conservancy, for every Lokai sold, a tree will be planted. Talk about making a difference!

Now, according to Pantone, GREEN is the "Color of the Year." Yes, every year Pantone, the self proclaimed "Authority on Color" decides what will be the most popular color of the year. I mean, Miranda Priestly did say, "'s sort of comical how you think that you've made a choice that exempts you from the fashion industry when, in fact, you're wearing a sweater that was selected for you by the people in this room..." Ok, so it's not exactly the same thing, but you get the idea. Every year we get to see what the projected color trends will be, and then watch as every designer we carry follows the directive. Just keep an eye out... everything is green.

Green is a fabulously versatile color and can be worn with many complimentary shades. Perfect for Spring and Summer, this new Lokai will pair well with any number of past Lokai colors. Check out the pics below for some great Lokai inspiration!

Ho Ho NOT YET! But yes, red and green are complimentary colors.... I suppose.....

A Basket of Baubles


Did you know that Easter is now the second biggest gift giving holiday of the year? Gone are the days of marshmallow peeps and starburst jelly beans, friends. Easter baskets of the 21st century are definitely not just for kids. They're jampacked with everything from gift cards to video games; makeup to fine jewelry! And you thought stocking stuffers were fun... 

Given that these types of holidays can leave us feeling a little lost, the AVANNi girls decided it might be helpful to give you a variety of Easter gift ideas for all the people you celebrate with. Of course there are so many great options at AVANNi (just browse through the brands tab!) but we wanted to show you a range of items and styles to get you thinking.

So let's count 'em down!

#5. Chavez for Charity

I feel like Chavez was made for Easter baskets! At $12, these trendy, colorful bracelets are adorned with unique charms and glass beads. They are definitely crowd pleasers Added bonus? Each color benefits a different cause!

#4. Lokai

Lokai is the trend that never ends! Loved by men and women alike, this bracelet is still an "in demand" gift! The classic Lokai is $18, but retired colors (red, blue and pink) are only $9 in store. Mix, match, stack your colors and show the world how you #livelokai

#3. Pura Vida

Pura Vida is an easy to wear, colorful option for the girl who doesn't want to take her jewelry off.... like ever. These hand braided bracelets are made in Costa Rica and coated in bee's wax, making them impervious to all things liquid. Ranging from $10-$26 there's a bracelet for every price range!

#2. MantraBand

MantraBand cuff bracelets were made with the intention of bringing positivity and encouragement to the wearer. As the "mantra" quite literally sits on top of the wrist, you are constantly reminded to "CHOOSE JOY" or "BE STILL AND KNOW." With so many mantras available, you can find the perfect gift for any occasion. And the price? At $25 for stainless and $35 for rose, gold and moon grey, these are another great Easter basket option that are sure to be impactful.

 MantraNecklaces are also available: $55-$65

MantraNecklaces are also available: $55-$65


Still #1..... With an emphasis on meaning, ALEX AND ANI continues to house the best collection of color and style every woman loves. Create an Easter stack, or choose a new charm bangle from the many new Spring symbols available. These bangles and wraps are so much more than just fashion accessories. They become a part of our story. All the pieces shown here range between $28 & $58.   An affordable luxury to be sure ;)

Whatever gift you choose, and however you celebrate the day, we're wishing you a very Happy Easter!


Here comes the bride! And she brought gifts!

Always a bridesmaid, not yet a bride! But that's ok, when there's beautiful bridesmaid gifts like these! The very first bridal collection by ALEX AND ANI is available now, and even though I'm not really in any weddings in the near future, I'm seriously considering wearing these just because they're pretty! 

Available in Gold and Silver, these pieces are absolutely stunning! Adorned with Swarovski crystals, they're perfect for that trip down the aisle or just a bit of sparkle on the wrist. With sweet phrases on each piece, they make the perfect gift for the most important women in your life. 

It's Time to Wake Up!

Monday Funday! Is that a saying? Well, it's Monday, so pour yourself a big cup of coffee and let's get to accessorizing! 

Today, I threw on some of my favorite older pieces and mixed them with some newer items to bring a little color to my stack. I mixed Rose, Gold and Silver bangles that feature my favorite color - all things coral! - and with the help of some white beaded wraps with the "oh so cute" Daisy, my look is complete! 

Not every stack needs a theme, but if you start with your focal color, adding only minimal accent colors, you'll create a beautiful, cohesive look.

Please Don't Eat the Daisies!

I think my favorite thing about Spring would have to be all the blooming flowers!

So naturally, I really can't say enough about this season's most popular bangle! The Daisy is the perfect addition to any Spring outfit! Wear it alone, or pair it with several pieces, this little darling is absolutely adorable! Oh! And grab a lemon cupcake while you're at Park City! So delicious!

These little beauties were worth the wait!

 Illumination + Beauty + Resilience

Illumination + Beauty + Resilience

I'm not a patient person by design. So when I found out the Lotus Peace Petals were not shipping with the other new symbols back in March, I was devastated! This new design is going to be a fan favorite! And it's certainly my favorite. (Yes, I bought both colors). But for all the drizzle today brought, it also brought us bangles! April showers really do bring flowers...

Pictured here are the newest additions to ALEX AND ANI's completely reimagined Path of Symbols collection! They are so dainty and beautiful, and perfectly capture the femininity of the flower itself. Everything from the Mandala design to the Om nestled sweetly on top of the blossom... it's just so beautiful! Plus, at only $28 for silver or gold, this bangle is a must have for all the resilient, beautiful women out there! "Illuminate" the world around you and pop this flower on your wrist.

"Just like the Lotus, we too have the ability to RISE out of the mud, BLOOM into the darkness, and RADIATE into the world."